In each partner country, we successfully conducted a series of online seminars, actively involving companies, managers, and workers.

The focus was on enhancing awareness and skills in ICT sustainability, recognizing the benefits of green practices, and planning for the sustainable implementation of ICTs.

Led by ECECE as the leading partner, the partnership defined a set of learning outcomes described in terms of knowledge, skills, and competencies for the Green Digital Workshops. Based on the highlighted learning outcomes, a framework for the workshops was produced, describing the duration of the sessions, contents, and tools.

The programme covered the following topics:

  • Impact of ICTs (evidence and trends)
  • Sustainable and effective implementation of ICTs in companies
  • How to implement sustainable measures in companies
  • The benefits for companies (reduction of costs, visibility, competitive advantages, etc.)
  • Testimonials and practical results from the Green Digital Workshops
  • Good practices

In total, 46 participants attended the conferences in all partner countries (Italy, Denmark, and Austria). They included workers, managers, or companies interested in introducing sustainable digital practices in their organizations.

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